Several African Nuns Graduate in Leadership and Development from Zambia’s Kalundu Study Centre

Several African Nuns Graduate in Leadership and Development from Zambia’s Kalundu Study Centre

CANAA || By Father Don Bosco Onyalla, Nairobi || 17 November 2016

nuns graduate at kalundu in zambia 2016Some 26 religious sisters drawn from Angola, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya and Zambia have graduated from Zambia’s Kalundu Study Centre after successfully completing their course in leadership and development. 

Kalundu Study Centre is an international centre that caters for training religious women from all over Africa.

Speaking at the graduation event, which took place last weekend, Father Leonard Namuhumba, a Zambian, particularly called on African religious women to embrace hospitality and to open their hearts to fellow community members and the people they serve.

Father Namuhumba lamented the fact that hospitality for which Africans are known is slowly being replaced by individualism and self-centeredness.

“Hospitality is a spoken message, given out in gestures and signs. And when this gesture or sign is given out, the words are very clear: I care about you and your destiny,” Father Namuhumba has been quoted as saying in a news report published by Vatican Radio.

He explained that when people do not feel welcome, they become isolated, rejected and depressed.

“Those who help others, even in a small way are already participating in the missionary work of the Church. When your heart is open to those spreading the Word of God, you are already taking part in the mission of our Lord,” Father Namuhumba who is Lusaka Archdiocese’s Cathedral Administrator said has been quoted as saying, lamenting that the society is gradually becoming closed in itself.

Fr. Namuhumba further encouraged the Sisters to be women of prayer saying that prayer leads to faith, love and service.

Zambia’s Kalundu Study Centre, situated in Lusaka, offers a one-year Leadership and Development course tailored for religious women. The course equips the nuns with skills needed in their religious congregations.

In her vote of thanks, Sr. Josepha Twapita, MSSHS, spoke on behalf of other graduating students.

She gave credit to all those that supported them during their training. She said the graduands were especially indebted to the various spiritual directors, priests, sisters, visiting lecturers and the administrators of Kalundu Study Centre.

The programme at Kalundu Study Centre “is directed toward providing a human, cultural, spiritual and pastoral preparation which pays special attention to the harmonious integration of all it’s various aspects.”

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