Malawi’s Young Christian Workers Celebrate Diamond Jubilee

Malawi’s Young Christian Workers Celebrate Diamond Jubilee

Vatican Radio || By Prince Henderson in Malawi || 17 November 2016

ycw in malawi mark diamond jubiliee 2016Young Christian Workers (YCW) Malawi, a religious movement within the Catholic Church comprising young Christians from the age of between 15 to 40 years at the weekend celebrated their 60-year anniversary at Mua Catholic Parish in the Diocese of Dedza.

As part of the celebration, Malawi YCW members from all the eight dioceses of Malawi celebrated with the Holy Mass led by the Bishop of Chikwawa Diocese, Peter Musikuwa. The Bishop is also the Episcopal Conference of Malawi Bishop-Chair for the Pastoral Commission. YCW used the occasion to donate Mattresses to nearby Mua School for the Deaf.

During the Holy Mass, Bishop Musikuwa challenged young people to be agents of change in the Church and the country at large.

“Let us utilize the strength that we have as young people to contribute positively to our society. We should not be the ones causing problems in the country rather we should be agents of change by ensuring that we do the right thing at all times,” said Bishop Musikuwa.

The Bishop made a passionate appeal to young people in Malawi to refrain from corrupt practices, mismanagement of public resources and the perpetration of politically instigated violence.

Bishop Musikuwa also called for more stable marriages among the adult youth of Malawi. He praised YCW for their generous donation to Mua School.

 “Let me thank you for thinking about the students who are facing various challenges here at Mua School for the Deaf. Such generosity is what is needed from productive young people in Malawi. Being the year of Mercy, it is right and just to share our love with the needy,” said Bishop Musikuwa.

Malawi’s National President for YCW, Augustine Mulomole said the donation was the start of an ongoing process of several donations the movement intends to make. The organisation intends to donate at least 2,000 Mattresses in Malawi by the end of this year.

“It is our mission that we assist the school which has been facing a lot of problems especially when it comes to the issue of Mattresses. We managed to raise funds through fundraising activities and of course, other well-wishers, both individuals and institutions came in to assist us,” said Mulomole.

Mulomole said the YCW in Malawi would strive to go out and preach the word of God through actions and as such they plan to build a strong financial base for member associations starting at the parish, deanery and diocesan levels.

Fr. Sam Safroy established the YCW movement in Malawi at Mua Parish in 1956. YCW Malawi is a member of the International Coordination of Young Christian Workers (ICYCW), an international body which comprises some YCW National Movements across the globe. Every four years ICYCW has an International Council, and YCW Malawi sends its representatives to the gathering.

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