Nigerian Bishop Urges Active Participation in Nation Building

Nigerian Bishop Urges Active Participation in Nation Building

CANAA || By Father Don Bosco Onyalla, Nairobi || 04 June 2018

Bishop Charles Hammawa of the Catholic diocese of Jalingo in Nigeria last Saturday, June 2, called on members of society to make every effort to bring their personal contributions toward the growth and progress of the nation rather passively sitting back and waiting on institutions.

“No matter how little our contribution may seem to be, it will contribute to the growth of the society,” Bishop Hammawa told members who gathered for the blessing of the classroom block and Chapel at the Spiritan Youth Resource Centre in Chonku, Taraba State, Nigeria.

“Rather than stand aside and ask: what is the government, church or chief doing?” the Local Ordinary posed, “All members (of society) need to contribute to the building of the nation.”

The chief of Chonku, Yusuf Bako expressed his appreciation for the Church’s contribution in realizing the building of the classrooms saying “our children will use (the classrooms) to acquire quality education.”

“This will make the people of God to come and pray here,” local chief Bako said in reference to the Chapel of Adoration, which Bishop Hammawa also blessed.

The Bishop thanked the local chief for welcoming Catholics in his territory even if he himself does not profess the Catholic faith saying the chief’s positive disposition to the church was a sense of unity of purpose and togetherness.

At the Saturday event, the Spiritan Superior of the Province of Nigeria North-East, Father James Akpagher compared the Spiritan Youth Resource Centre, Chonku, with the seed of a tree one can scoop in his hands, but once the seed is planted and it germinates and becomes a big tree, no one can any longer scoop it in his hands.

The construction of the Adoration Chapel, which is dedicated to Daniel Bertoia, was sponsored by Daniel Bertoia Family, Canada.

According to the Director of Spiritans in Integral Development Foundation, Father Kuha Indyer, “Daniel (Bertoia) was a devoted Catholic who died of brain tumour at the tender age of 18. While alive he was passionate about his catholic faith and he loved the youth and even in death, converted some people to the Catholic faith.”

Meanwhile, World Mercy Fund/Barmherkeigzeit, Austria/Germany sponsored the building of the classroom block.

Father Kuha Indyer, CSSp. The Director of Spiritans in Integral Development Foundation contributed content of this news report.

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