Africa Itself is a Frontier for Evangelization

Africa Itself is a Frontier for Evangelization

Zimbabwe-Mozambique Jesuit Communications || By Kudakwashe Matambo || 31 March 2017

africa is frontier of evangelizationNew President of the Conference of Major Superiors of Africa and Madagascar (JESAM), Fr. Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator has said since the African continent endures a complexity of crises such as poverty, drought, governance issues, migration and displacement, these present opportunities to the Society of Jesus to evangelise. The JESAM President made the remarks in an interview with Jesuit Communications in Harare, Zimbabwe.

“Africa itself is a frontier, as a continent, it is faced with many challenges, but also it presents a lot of opportunities. It is a very youthful continent blessed with talented young people who may not always have the opportunities they deserve to put this talent at the service of the continent, and that’s a huge frontier for the Jesuits.” Fr Orobator added, “All these are all frontiers that Jesuits strive to respond to.” 

Following Fr Orobator’s appointment as JESAM President by the Superior General of the Jesuits, in February, the Nigerian Jesuit said he looks forward to connecting with Jesuits on the continent of Africa and Madagascar, and make himself totally and completely available for the service of the mission of the Society of Jesus.

“I want to create more effective links and networks amongst the Jesuits of the continent of Africa and the rest of the universal society. I look forward to doing this in collaboration with thousands of women and men who serve in our apostolic works on the continent,” Fr Orobator said.

Recently, Society of Jesus Superior General Fr Arturo Sosa emphasised the need and importance of collaboration between women and men. The Superior General of the Jesuits made these remarks when he gave the opening address at a “Voices of Faith” event in the Vatican. 

“We must consolidate our presence where we already are because there is no shortage of frontiers and we could be even there in a more consolidated fashion. We need to strengthen our presence,” emphasised Fr Orobator. 

The JESAM President further said institutions of Formation such as the Arrupe College in Harare and other Formation centres are vital and constitute for Jesuits ‘an absolute priority.’

 “They are responsible for building the future capacity of the Society of Jesus because they form Jesuits who are competent and adequately trained to the needs of Africa and Madagascar.” Fr Orobator continued, “Our goal is to for a well-rounded person who knows what it takes, what it means to be human and how to relate to society. Men who are able to appreciate and believe in the inherent dignity of the human person.”

The Jesuit African Assistancy (Conference) consists of 7 Jesuit provinces and regions in Africa. The Conference of Major Superiors of Africa and Madagascar (JESAM) comprises the major superiors of these provinces and regions.

Source: Jesuits Zimbabwe-Mozambique…

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