The Golden Jubilee Prayer

God our Father, we praise you for your infinite goodness for the Church in Africa and Madagascar, particularly for the gift of SECAM. We thank you for the messengers of the Gospel on our African land. In your eternal wisdom, you have blessed our continent with abundant human, spiritual and natural resources; for this we thank you and we glorify you.

As we celebrate the fifty years of SECAM, we acknowledge our many failings and pray for the grace to repent from the sins of bad governance, corruption, violence and misuse of all your gifts.

Give us greater love for our continent; help us to celebrate its rich human and
natural resources with sincere gratitude in our hearts and help us to use them in the spirit of the Gospel for the good and well-being of all the people of Africa and beyond.

Almighty God send us a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in this year of jubilee to effect in us a true conversion of heart and reconciliation among us so that we may bear greater witness to Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Mary Immaculate, Queen of Africa, pray for us!
Saint Joseph, pray for us!
All you Holy Martyrs of Uganda

And Saints of Africa and Madagascar, pray for us!


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