The SECAM Secretariat wishes to thank everyone that played a part in making the launch of the SECAM Golden Jubilee Year the success it was; we are grateful to God for the experience we had in Kampala for both the Workshop and the Launch itself.

The biggest thank you goes to the Uganda Episcopal Conference (UEC), led by their indefatigable Secretary General, Mgr. John Kauta, for all the work they did on the ground and ensuring that all the delegates were well received, had comfortable places to lay their heads and had decent meals every day of our stay in Kampala. We cannot forget to mention the logistical support for everything else such as transport and liturgical celebrations.  May the Good Lord richly bless the Church in Uganda.

We all learned that the launch was just the beginning of the year-long journey towards the SECAM Golden Jubilee celebrations next year. This is the time we all have to pull together and make the proposed monthly programmes a reality. Since it was agreed that each region, conference and diocese should find its own way of implementing the monthly reflections, we look forward to hearing from the regions, conferences and dioceses on how they will go about celebrating this journey.

Given the perennial perception that SECAM is not well known, there is no greater opportunity than this one year we have embarked on to make SECAM Better known and appreciated across the continent. We have a chance to use every opportunity to educate our parishioners and others about SECAM.

In this issue of the Bulletin, we have endeavoured to capture various elements relating to the Launch and eventual celebration of the SECAM Golden Jubilee as well as the way forward for SECAM.


We wish you a prayerful year: July 2018 – July 2019.

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