Our Departments

The following are the Commissions and offices of SECAM:

Evangelisation Commission

This Commission is headed by the First Vice-President of SECAM. The day-today work of it is carried out by the First Deputy Secretary General of SECAM.
The following offices fall under the department of Evangelisation:

  • The Catholic Biblical Centre for Africa and Madagascar (BICAM)which encourages and co-ordinates Biblical Apostolate on the continent.
  • Theological Committee (COMITHEOL): encourages and co-ordinates theological activities.
  • Pan-African Laity Co-ordination Board: organ of liaison, co-operation and joint action for the training and formation of the Laity.
  • Association of Catholic Education for Africa and Madagascar (ASSECAM)

Justice, Peace, Peace and Development Commission

The Second Vice-President of SECAM heads this Commission. The Second Deputy Secretary General handles the administrative work of the Commission. It has the following offices:

  • Justice, Peace and Development.
  • Good Governance- it studies and appraises the African political, diplomatic and social situations so as to enable SECAM take relevant positions regarding the promotion of Good Governance.

Social Communications Commission

The Communications Commission has bishop Chairman appointed by the Standing Committee. The day-to-day work of the Commission is carried out by its Secretary who is the Director of Communications of SECAM. His role is to animate, co-ordinate and stimulate Social Communication activities on the regional and continental levels. The Director of the Commission also works directly under the President and the Secretary General of SECAM.

Other offices of SECAM are:

  • The Administrative Office which falls under the Secretary General.
  • The Accounts Office is headed by the Treasurer of SECAM with a full-time Accountant for the day-to-day work of this office. The Accountant’s day-to-day work is supervised by the Secretary General of SECAM.

Please refer to the organogramme of SECAM for a full list of the Commissions, Departments, Offices and Committees of SECAM.

Official Languages: English, French, and Portuguese.