Message from Missio Aachen to SECAM

Your Eminences,
Your Excellences,
Distinguished guest
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
In the first place, I express my gratitude for the invitation to this 17th Ple-
nary Assembly. The chosen theme “The Family in Africa, Yesterday, To-
day and Tomorrow: in the light of the Gospel” is a very important one.
Already since 2012 missio Aachen focus in our campaign in Germany
specially on Families in Need. Not only the synod last year has shown
that Families worldwide but especially in Africa are facing manifold chal-
lenges. To strengthen the family so that the families themselves can over-
come all problems will be one of the focus the coming years.
If we really want to help them, we have to examine the situation and the
support we are giving. Therefore, I am grateful that we have found sev-
eral partners in Africa who walk with us on new ways to examine the
impact of different programs. Under the surveillance of His Eminence
Cardinal MONSENGWO PASINYA Archbishop of Kinshasa, we run a
long term program in the whole Archdiocese where the impact of the faith
formation of the laity will be documented. In the Archdiocese of Lilongwe,
we are invited by Archbishop ZIYAYE to try out a method that had suc-
cess in the United States to analyze the situation and to develop pro-
grams. In several countries of Africa we plan to evaluate the family sup-
port program CANA to learn more how to strengthen families. Only three
examples named of many other initiatives to develop better and new pas-
toral approaches.
We also follow up the theme of the 14th SECAM Plenary Assembly 2010

in Accra “Self Reliance, the way forward for the Church in Africa”. In 2011

missio Aachen started an evaluation of income generating projects. In

July 2012 we held a workshop in cooperation with the PMS General office

with participants from SECAM, FABC and the Bishops Conference of Pa-
pua New Guinea in Rome. Finally, we had a workshop with the AMECEA

and IMBISA last year to develop adequate formation programs for all who
deal with finances and administration in the Church. Together with the
AMECEA we will start the formation programs soon.
missio Aachen supported the Church in Africa in the last three years with
more than 34 million Euro and we will continue to do so not alone through
financial support but also in constant prayer.
I pray that this Plenary Assembly will be a success and that our Lord
Jesus Christ guides the Catholic Church in Africa and especially the fam-
ilies in Africa.
Msgr Dr. Klaus Krämer
President missio Aachen