Church-Family of God in Africa, Celebrate your Jubilee! Proclaim Jesus Christ your Saviour.


Context of the Jubilee

You will make the fiftieth year a holy year, and you will proclaim liberation for all the inhabitants of the land » Lev 25:10).

You shall proclaim« a year of the Lord’s favour » to the entire creation (cf. Luke 4, 18-19).

For centuries, Africa received and proclaimed the Gospel. The church in Africa, 50 years ago, took the historical initiative to constitute herself as the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM) at Kampala in 1969. On this occasion, Pope Paul VI came and confirmed the Church in Africa in her faith, and declared:

« You Africans, you are now your own missionaries »

« You can and ought to have an African Christianity »

In celebrating the Golden Jubilee of SECAM, each faithful, every Christian community in Africa and Madagascar, is invited to let the call to this mission resonate in him/her and respond to it with zeal.


Objective of the Jubilee

To celebrate in thanksgiving God’s wonderous deeds, His gift of baptism and of the Church; to reflect on the progress made so far, with the aim of deepening our faith, rooted in Christ, and to resolutely engage ourselves in the mission of proclaiming the gospel in words and actions.

To achieve this, each Christian and every community is invited to fully enter into the celebration of the Jubilee, by the following means

  • Thanksgiving,
  • Remembrance of the progress made,
  • Repentance and conversion,
  • A renewed commitment to witness to Christ in Africa and Madagascar.
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Church-Family of God in Africa, Celebrate your Jubilee! Proclaim Jesus Christ your Saviour.
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