Church Leaders in South Sudan Call on Citizens to Join Pope Francis in Prayer for Country’s Peace

Church Leaders in South Sudan Call on Citizens to Join Pope Francis in Prayer for Country’s Peace

CANAA || By Father Don Bosco Onyalla, Nairobi || 23 November 2017

bishop barani asks citizens to join pope in prayer 2017Catholic Church leaders in South Sudan have called on citizens of their country to join Pope Francis in praying for peace.

Today Thursday, November 23, Pope Francis planned to preside over a Prayer for Peace in South Sudan and in the Democratic Republic of Congo in St. Peter’s Basilica at 5.30pm Rome time.

The event was organized by “Solidarity with South Sudan” in collaboration with the Justice and Peace office of religious organizations worldwide.

In a letter sent to CANAA, the President of the Conference of Catholic Bishops in Sudan and South Sudan, Bishop Barani Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala of Tombura-Yambio calls on South Sudanese to join the global Church on Thursday, 23 November, 2017 to implore God for lasting peace and makes specific prayer intention.

“Let us pray with our Holy Father for the grace to see every human being as a child of God, regardless of tribe, regional attributes, race, language or culture,” Bishop Barani requests and adds, “We have to pray together with Pope Francis indeed for the wisdom to receive the stories and experiences of those different from ourselves and to respond with respect.”

Bishop Barani continues in suggesting prayer intentions saying, “With Pope Francis let us pray for our faith community, our dioceses, also that God may give us new Bishops into the 04 vacant diocese of Malakal, Torit, Rumbek, Wau, that we may celebrate and welcome the diverse faces of Christ in our worship, our ministries, and our leaders.”

He also invited South Sudanese to use the opportunity to “pray for healing and justice for all those who have experienced violence and political, tribal and regional hatred.”

“We pray with Pope Francis for solidarity and true Compassion in our human family, that we may work together to protect those who are most vulnerable and most in need,” Bishop Barani requested.

His message to South Sudanese citizens comes just after the Catholic Church leaders in Sudan and South Sudan concluded their Annual Plenary Assembly.

“During our 2017 Annual Plenary Assembly of the Sudan Catholic Bishops of Sudan and South Sudan held in Kit, Juba, we resolved to keep together as Bishops in Sudan and South Sudan,” Bishop Barani states and requests for prayers as the Bishops carry out their responsibilities in a challenging pastoral situation.

“May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit inspire and guide all our families as we sail through the stormy times in our countries into true durable peace,” Bishop Barani concludes on behalf of the Conference of the Catholic Bishops of Sudan and South Sudan.

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