Cardinal Nzapalainga of CAR to Visit “Friends of Central Africa” in Italy

Cardinal Nzapalainga of CAR to Visit “Friends of Central Africa” in Italy

Vatican Radio || Amici per il Centrafrica || 07 March 2017

cardinal nzapalainga to visit friends of carCardinal Dieudonné Nzapalainga, the Archbishop of Bangui in the Central African Republic, will this week visit the association “Friends of Central Africa” headquarters in Limido Comasco. The association is an Italian charity that provides humanitarian assistance to the Church in the Central African Republic.

President of the Association, “Friends of Central Africa” (Amici per il Centrafrica), Pierpaolo Grisetti announced that Cardinal Nzapalainga would visit Limido Comasco, a municipality in the Province of Como situated in the Italian region of Lombardy, near Milan.

“We are very pleased to open the house of “Friends of Central Africa” to Cardinal Nzapalainga, thus returning the warm reception that has always been accorded us during our meetings in Bangui,” Grisetti said.

While in the region, the Cardinal is also a guest of the Archdiocese of Milan’s Pontifical Mission Societies.

The association “Friends of Central Africa, “was founded in 2001 by the late Carla Pagani who gathered friends and volunteers together. Today thanks to their efforts and generous contributions from the public, the association supports some of the Church’s humanitarian projects in the Republic of Central Africa.

Source: Vatican Radio…

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