The secretary General of SECAM, Rev. Fr. Joseph Komakoma, has urged all and sundry to use every opportunity they get to spread the news about the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM).

In an interview shortly after the launch of the SECAM Golden Jubilee Year, Fr. Komakoma said “this jubilee year is a good opportunity for the world and especially the church in Africa to know all they need to know about SECAM” and hence “there should be lots of information out about SECAM using the internet, traditional media, flyers, stickers, etc.”

According to the Secretary General, SECAM is about all bishops of Africa and thus involves all Dioceses, parishes, churches, Catholic Institutions and even small Christian communities. The Golden Jubilee of SECAM was therefore the celebration of bishops and he invited all Catholics and Faithful to join in the year-long celebration with prayers and reflections.

He said the Instrumentum Laboris on the SECAM Golden Jubilee Year was a document that has been worked on and contains the calendar of Activities as well as the theme for the celebration  for each month throughout the celebrations. He urged that the Instrumentum Laboris should be spread as widely as possible and that each Conference and Diocese in Africa should organize activities as will be appropriate to their respective communities.

Fr. Komakoma also added that the Golden Jubilee Prayer which was also launched as part of the Golden Jubilee Year should be recited whenever people meet in parishes and churches and at small gatherings.

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