Church in Nigeria’s President Hometown Dedicated

Church in Nigeria’s President Hometown Dedicated

Catholic Diocese of Sokoto || By Gloria George & Richie Nabuk || 04 April 2017

church in buhari hometown dedicatedThe Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Bishop Matthew Kukah, Tuesday, April 4, dedicated St. Gabriel’s Parish Church building in Daura LG, the hometown of President Muhammadu Buhari. 

St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church Daura, Katsina State was made a Parish in the year 1999 by the Bishop Emeritus of Sokoto diocese, Dr. Kevin Aje.

Part of the dedication Mass was the annual Cathedraticum, administering Sacrament of Confirmation to candidates and Installation of Lectors.

Bishop Kukah congratulated the faithful saying, “It is your hard work, the parish priest encouraged you and this church belongs to you.”

Quoting the Psalmist, “I look up toward the hills. from where does my help come?” – (Ps 121:1). Bishop Kukah added, “We always have to look up to where God is.”

“The presence of God is not something to debate about. whenever we see the Eucharist, it assures us of the presence of God.”

“Without the Eucharist, there’s no church. The reason we come to Mass is to celebrate the Eucharist, that is why we are men and women of the altar”

Bishop Kukah admonished the faithful on their attitude towards the word of God. He said “many of us especially men assume that somehow your wife can be holy on your behalf, that your children can pray on your behalf, that the Parish Priest will read bible on your behalf.”

“It is wonder to build altar, buy all the chairs, but it is no use to build a church if you yourself don’t live a Godly live because God cannot be bribed or blackmail.”
“We take worshiping God as bribing. when we need something from God we become extra-ordinary generous and when the desire is met we become something else.”

“Many of us, our lives are regulated by fear… fear of the unknown. How can you fear people who didn’t give you life?” Bishop Kukah said and explained that our problem is not the Muslims, the Pentecostals or protestants but ourselves.

He encouraged the faithful to draw closer to God in the Eucharist.

“I want to thank God for the parish priest and parishioners for the great work you have done” Bishop Kukah said as he urged the parishioners to always Pray for their priest
He appreciated the CWO for their services to the church and encouraged them to start the project of building chapel of perpetual adoration.

In his remark, the parish Priest Rev Fr. Joseph Dube, appreciated Bishop Matthew Kukah for his care and support to the parish.

Fr. Dube appreciated the parishioners for their commitment and contributions towards the success of the church project.

Source: Catholic Diocese of Sokoto…

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