Throwing away food is like throwing away people – Pope

Pope Francis has condemned food waste, saying throwing away food is like throwing away people.

He said “it is scandalous today not to notice how precious food is” and how much of it ends up wasted”.

“Waste reveals an indifference toward things and toward those who go without,” he said, stressing that “to throw food away means to throw people away.”

He was speaking with members and volunteers of the European Federation of Food Banks, including the Food Bank of Italy, which was marking its 30th anniversary on 18th May, 2019.

The Pope thanked the organizations for all they do in providing food to those who are hungry while fighting against food waste.

Charity today “requires intelligence, the capacity for planning and continuity,” and for people to care about each other, seeking to restore human dignity, the Pope said.

Too many people are left without work, dignity or hope “and still others are oppressed by inhuman demands of production” that have a negative impact on the family and personal relationships.

The Pope said it pains him when he hears parents say they have little time in the day to play with their children because they go to work when the children are still asleep and get home when they are already in bed.

“Instead of serving humanity,” he said, the economy “enslaves us, subjugates us to monetary mechanisms” that are increasingly difficult to control.

“We need to encourage models of growth based on social equality, on the dignity of human persons, on families, on the future of young people, on respect for the environment,” he said.

Credit: Carol Glatz CNS

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