Secretary General’s NOTE

We are gradually approaching the end of the year 2018. A number of things need our attention, but I will like us to reflect on the issues related to climate change.

It is time we add our voices to issues of this nature which affect humanity in general. The Holy Father, Pope Francis, has already paved the way with the Laudato Si encyclical which calls on us to see the earth as our common home and to do everything in our power to protect and care for it.

The signing of the 2018 declaration for climate justice in Rome recently by six presidents of continental bishops’ conferences, including the President of SECAM, Most Rev. Gabriel Mbilingi, calling on government leaders to take ambitious and immediate action to tackle and overcome the devastating effects of the climate crisis is a great step; we must individually follow-up on this issue to ensure its full realization. The Church leaders reaffirmed their commitment to taking bold steps to ensure climate justice. The call is based on the principles of urgency, intergenerational justice, human dignity and human rights.

Lets look at the details of the statement and be the mouthpiece of the ordinary person, pursue our governments, until our environment becomes safe again.

Fr. Joseph Komakoma

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