The Plenary Assembly is the highest authority of SECAM.


  1. Members of the Standing Committee of SECAM
  2.  The President and elected Delegates of member Episcopal Conferences.
  3.  All Cardinals and Patriarchs of Africa and Madagascar
  4. The Diocesan Bishops and all those who are equivalent to them in law, who are not yet members of any juridically constituted Episcopal Conference within Africa and its Islands.

SECAM shall invite to the Plenary Assembly the African Bishops who are members of the Sacred Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and other dycasteries of the Holy See according to necessity.

The Papal Representative of the hosting country shall always be invited on the opening and closing sessions of the Plenary Assembly.

SECAM shall invite to the Plenary Assembly the Continental leadership of the Priests, Religious, Laity and Youth.

SECAM may invite any person it may wish to consult on any particular question to the Plenary Assembly.

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