Peace Building workshop held in Johannesburg – South Africa

Following the wide range of conflicts and peacebuilding challenges on the African continent, from electoral violence, threats to democratic processes, failing states riven by tribal and ethnic conflicts, and violent religious extremism, SECAM/JPDC in collaboration with the Catholic Peacebuilding Network & Other Partners organized a workshop on the Church’s Role in Peace Processes from 7-12 October 2019 Johannesburg, South Africa.

The workshop was aimed at considering best practices and helping participants develop strategies that could strengthen the Catholic Church’s engagement in formal and informal peace building processes.

Some key areas that were looked at during the workshop were:

  • facilitating or mediating political settlements between ruling parties and political opponents and between governments and armed groups;
  • ensuring fair elections through election monitoring;
  • working with other religious actors on “people-to-people” peace and reconciliation processes that complement formal processes;
  • serving on official truth and reconciliation and human rights commissions;
  • advocating for responsible state and civil society action to address religious extremism

The workshop brought together 30 participants from different parts of the continent and included participants from the Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Catholic Peacebuilding Network (CPN) and the media.


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