The SECAM Jubilee Logo is designed to reflect the celebration of 50 years since SECAM was establishment in 1969.

Elements of the Logo:

  1. Circle
  2. African Map
  3. People celebrating (image)
  4. The Cross

The Circle and the African map are merged together to give the idea of building a continental structure, of organic pastoral solidarity to project Africa’s vision to the whole Church. The circle reflects UNITY and ONENESS.

The Cross found in the middle of the African Map is the same as the cross in the SECAM logo but in this form, reflects Christ’s victory over death.

The open African Map reflects that the Church in Africa is open to its islands and the rest of the world and ready to traditional warm welcoming of Africa, its hospitality and the true sense of community.

The theme of the celebration being “Church-Family of God in Africa, Celebrate your Jubilee! Proclaim Jesus Christ your Saviour” is depicted in the logo as follows:

  • The people in the Logo represent the African family and also the larger family of God in Africa and Madagascar and within the wider SECAM fraternity celebrating the SECAM Jubilee and proclaiming Christ.
  • The number 50 is designed in a free form to showcase a smooth celebration throughout the Golden Jubilee Year.
  • The colours used for the logo are SECAM colours. The additional Golden/yellowish colour brings out the aspect of Celebrations and also reflects the Golden Jubilee and links to the universal Church.


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Church-Family of God in Africa, Celebrate your Jubilee! Proclaim Jesus Christ your Saviour.
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