“While we must regularly wash our hands to avoid the virus, let us not wash our hands of our responsibility for each other, particularly the poor who feel the impact of the lockdown the most and who will be affected by the effects of the virus the most”.

This quotation is from a reflection on COVID – 19 by the Bishop of Mthatha, South Africa and 1st Vice President of SECAM, Rt. Rev. Sithembele Sipuka for the month of April 2020.

Bishop Sipuka said, this is a time to think about the majority of people who live by vending and doing menial jobs for their daily living. This is because for such people, periods of lockdown means they have no means of providing for themselves; he therefore calls for compassion and positive action towards these people.

He further encourages all not to lose hope in the face of the devastating effects of the COVID-19; in that, God suffers with us and makes us his collaborators in responding to situations of suffering.

He urged Bishops, priests, religious and all other people of influence to join forces in encouraging people to adopt preventive measures and to avoid behaviours that feed the spread of the virus.

Following the inability of people to attend church services and to pray together, the Bishop of Mthatha, reflects on how families and homes should become perfect settings for Church services in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic; for families were originally places of worship until the emergence of present day church buildings.

Kindly read the detailed text as below:

Reflection-Bishop Sipuka April 2020

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