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  • Church built in memory of the Uganda Martyrs at Nalukolongo

    Unlike Nabulagala, a hill in Kampala where a number of people feared to go for religious instruction, Nalukolongo was accessible. This boosted attendance at Mapeera’s catechism instruction. During the time of persecution that followed, Nalukolongo became a crucible of faith and a source of encouragement and spiritual strength for the read more

  • St. Gonzaga Gonza

    St. Gonzaga Gonza was a Musoga from Bulamoogi county. His parents are not known, though it is said in various writings that he belonged to Lion (Mpologoma) clan. He was a page of the private courts under Muteesa I and a page of the audience hall under Mwanga II. Gonza read more

  • St Denis Ssebuggwawo

    St Denis Ssebuggwawo was baptized on 16th November 1885 by Fr Simeon Lourdel. He was tortured and speared by King Mwanga II before handing him over to the executioner, Mpinga Kaloke, on the evening of Tuesday 25th May 1886. On Wednesday morning 26th May 1886, Mpinga ordered two men, Matembe read more

  • St Balikuddembe Market

    Place of Martyrdom of St. Joseph Mukasa Balikuddembe and St. Athanasius Bazzekuketta in St Balikuddembe Market (previously named Owino Market) in Nakivubo, Kampala.

  • St. Noe Mawaggali Cathedral

    Three Uganda Martyrs, St. Matia Mulumba, St. Luke Baanabakintu and St. Noah Mawaggali, came from this parish in Kiyinda-Mityana. St. Noe Mawaggali’s blood was shed from the place where the cathedral parish church was built.

  • Ngome Marian Shrine

    Mary has appeared at various times in Africa, calling us to return to God. The most well known are: Zeitoun (Egypt); Kibeho (Rwanda) and Ngome (South Africa). The Ngome Marian Shrine is located in the Eshowe diocese of northern Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. It is possibly the most popular Catholic read more

  • wiPolo shrine of the Paimol Martyrs

    Construction of the wiPolo shrine of the Paimol Martyrs was finished before the October 18th feast day celebration in the autumn of 2015. Paimol, known by the Acholi people to be the site of the martyrdom of Daudi Okelo and Jildo Irwa, has been the destination of the annual pilgrimage read more


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