Bishops urged to celebrate the SECAM Jubilee in their Dioceses

Comitheol meeting in Accra

The First Vice-President of the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM), his Excellency Most. Rev. MATHIEU MADEGA LEBOUAKEHAN, Bishop of Mouila, Gabon, has called on all SECAM member Bishops to ensure that the SECAM Golden Jubilee year is celebrated in their Dioceses.

He said this on the sidelines of a meeting of the SECAM Theological Committee (COMITHEOL) taking place in Accra from 18-20 December 2018. He is the SECAM Bishop responsible for the Evangelization Commission that oversees the work of COMITHEOL.

COMITHEOL is a Committee of Theologians that has been working on the theological and pastoral documents guiding the SECAM Golden Jubilee Year. The meeting is part of a series of meetings to finalise the documents to be presented as part of the Golden Jubilee of SECAM. The committee’s work will outline the journey travelled so far by SECAM, the way forward for SECAM and the Church in Africa for the next 50years or so. Bishop Madega has invited all faithful to get involved in the Golden Jubilee celebrations, which are meant to thank God for the many benefits enjoyed by the people on the African continent and the church as a whole.

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