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As a member of the Catholic community in Africa we encourage you to join this website. offers a toolset of interactive components to serve the Church in Africa, connect members and aggregate Catholic communication on the continent.

The network has been custom-built to facilitate networking. We’ve adapted some of the tried-and-tested social functionality found in networks like Facebook and Twitter and built them into a secure platform to serve SECAM.

Members may tag other members, create events, post text, link to articles on the internet, upload images, share videos, post hashtags and even upload documents to groups. Posts are public except when posted in private groups.

The interactive Catholic directory/map for Africa has been integrated into the system and interfaces with the social aspect of the site.

The task of building the network and directory is a team effort and each of the regions is responsible for keeping their own information up to date. SECAM provides the platform and the regional and national conferences, as well as all members of the network, are asked to please keep their information up to date and use the network for their organization’s communication needs.

The MISSION of SECAM is to promote its role as a sign and instrument of salvation, to build the Church as a Family of God in Africa and to preserve and foster communion, collaboration and joint action among the Catholic Episcopal Conferences of Africa and the Islands.

Here are some suggestions of what to do on this network.

  1. Create a member account. Registration is quick and easy.
  2. Members can join their Regional Episcopal group found here. Groups have been created for the eight regions.
  3. Groups for the national episcopal conferences in Africa may also be created. Use #national in the title of the group and it will be found here. The hope is to get all the national conferences of Africa, active and present on here.
  4. We encourage all Catholic organizations in Africa to create a place for themselves on here.
  5. Friend and Follow other members and join or create groups of interest.
  6. Add entries to the directory/map and take ownership of those that belong to you.
  7. Make a habit of logging into your personal SECAM account every day to read and post articles.
  8. Become acquainted with the system, get connected and see the potential of the network.
  9. Spread the word. Tell other relevant people about the tools offered and invite them to register.


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