Our Departments

The following are the Commissions and offices of SECAM:

Evangelisation Commission

This Commission is headed by the First Vice-President of SECAM. The day-today administration of the office is carried out by the First Deputy Secretary General of SECAM.
The following offices fall under the department of Evangelisation:

  • The Catholic Biblical Centre for Africa and Madagascar (BICAM) which encourages and co-ordinates Biblical Apostolate programmes on the continent.
  • Theological Committee (COMITHEOL); which co-ordinates theological activities.
  • Pan-African Laity Co-ordination Board; an organ of liaison, co-operation and joint action for the training and formation of the Laity.
  • Association of Catholic Education for Africa and Madagascar (ASSECAM)

Justice, Peace, Peace and Development Commission

The Second Vice-President of SECAM heads this Commission. The Second Deputy Secretary General also handles the administrative work of the Commission. It has the following offices:

  • Justice, Peace and Development.
  • Good Governance; which studies and appraises the African political, diplomatic and social situations to enable SECAM take relevant positions regarding the promotion of Good Governance.
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Social Communications

There is a Committee of Bishops responsible for Social Communications in SECAM. The Committee has a bishop Chairman appointed by the Standing Committee. The day-to-day work of the SECAM Communications is carried out by the Communications Officer of SECAM.

Other offices of SECAM are:

  • The Administrative Office which falls under the Secretary General.
  • The Accounts Office which is headed by the Treasurer of SECAM with a full-time Accountant for the day-to-day work of the office. The Accountant’s day-to-day work is supervised by the Secretary General of SECAM.

Official Languages: English, French, and Portuguese.